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Thoughts on Batman v Superman (Spoilers)

I can’t get my mind to shut up about the uneasy feelings Batman v Superman left me with, so I’m typing some of them out here. You can call it a review, I guess; I at least tried to organize … Continue reading

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Transformers 3: The One with Actual Writing

If Transformers: Dark of the Moon seems a little too long for viewers, it’s because director Michael Bay tried to do two things: silence his critics and give people what they paid for. The latter comes in the form of … Continue reading

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A Totally Subjective Fanboy Review of the Green Lantern Movie (Spoilers)

NOTE: I’ve decided to write two reviews for the Green Lantern movie: one where I try to shed my fanboyishness, and another where I embrace it. I did this because I realized writing as a fanboy necessitates spoilers, and some … Continue reading

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