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Werds and Dodols

A lot of my teachers hated me back in elementary school. Even though I was a pretty bright kid, and one of the better-behaved students in class, there was one thing about me that struck their nerves: I doodled. A … Continue reading

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On Pubic Hair, Politics, and Progressive Thinking

I’ve been relying on taxis for quite some time now, and I’ve developed a sort of love-hate relationship with them. I love that they can get me to wherever I want, but I hate that getting one can be so … Continue reading

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Lookie, Lookie! More Wasted Binary Code!

As many of those close to me know, I quit my day job to become a freelance writer. Because I’m waaaaaay too introspective for my own good, I’ve decided to chronicle my thoughts on living life where corporate douchebags fear … Continue reading

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