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Thoughts on Batman v Superman (Spoilers)

I can’t get my mind to shut up about the uneasy feelings Batman v Superman left me with, so I’m typing some of them out here. You can call it a review, I guess; I at least tried to organize … Continue reading

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Fans vs. Fanboys

Lemme get this out of the way first – in this post, I’m reacting to this opinion piece on Lauren shared the link with me, saying someone brought the annoying “real geek vs. fake geek” discussion back, as though … Continue reading

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Crisis on Infinite Identities: A Reflection on the DC Reboot

I recently finished reading Grant Morrison’s run (1988-90) on Animal Man, and was struck with a particular scene in issue 19. Animal Man goes on a soul-searching peyote trip with Native American physicist James Highwater, and part of his hallucinations … Continue reading

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