There’s reason to believe that I’m a robot built to replace the human who was known as Marco Sumayao. Memories of my childhood are hazy at best, and I look nearly nothing like the pictures in my family photo albums. My once-straight, commercial-worthy hair morphed into an afro that bears signs of sentient life. I went from being one of the three shortest kids in class to being of above-average height for a Filipino. I believe I used to hate shrimp.

I could be a robot. Or a clone. Or it could’ve just been puberty. Man, hormones are weird.

Body chemistry aside, I’m a major dork who loves to write and draw. I dream about publishing my own comics one day. I also dream about making my own video game. While I’m at it, I might as well be a rock star, too. There’s a pill you can take to develop musical talent, right?

My religion is Sith. My dream vacation destination is R’lyeh. I sing the Nomi Song every once in a while.

I repeat: major dork.


Want me for a writing project? Contact me at marcosumayao (at) gmail. I’m not always this silly.


3 Responses to About

  1. Earthianne says:

    You write very well and you’re funny. Keep it up!

  2. Mike Fox says:

    Dude, your defense on behalf of Sucker Punch is brilliant! I have been getting in friendly debates with my co-workers about this film. They say the story sucks. They say the characters have no personality, they say the dialogue is crap. However, I strongly disagree. Sucker Punch instantly became one of my top 5 favorite films, and for whatever reason, It speaks to my soul. Anyways, I feel compelled to tell you that I think you should write a follow up. The more I watch this movie, the more relations I find. For example, when Rocket proclaims that they are already dead. The Wiseman during the World War scene says “Dont feel bad for them. They’re already dead”.
    Also, during that same scene, Sweat Pea makes eye contact with the same boy that she sees at the bus station. The last one that comes to mind are the small chains that dangle from Baby Doll’s gun. I believe they represent each girl. One of them is a bunny, which is exactly what is painted on the robot craft that Amber operates. By the way, why do you think it is that Amber is the one that always operates the crafts? Also, what are your thoughts on the extended scene with Baby Doll and the high roller? Im still pretty torn about it. Anyways man, great job with your article. You made some extremely valid points! -Mike

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