So I Flipped Out on Facebook

I normally don’t confront people on social media (#CalmYoTits is a hashtag we all could use every now and then), today was an exception; I had to say something.

Here’s a brief backgrounder on why, just so you get the context – a few weeks ago, an anti-RH Bill friend (because yes, I can be friends with someone who has an opposing view on this matter) posted a list of consequences, according to his opinion as a doctor, the bill would have on the country if it were signed into law. While I did get the (sometimes faulty) logic behind some of them, there were a few that I didn’t quite grasp:

  • Exponential decrease of “Moral Fibre”
  • magnification of the current rates of single mothers
  • increase of unenployment in women due to failing marks in their pre-employment physical exam
  • widening of the poor and rich social classes and the extinction of the middle class

Wanting to give him the benefit of the doubt, I asked him to clarify how exactly the above items would happen. He answered, “if you are pro-RH then the question in the beginning is biased”, and then deleted everything connected to my question from the thread. He went another step further and blocked me from writing anything more on that thread.

I decided to let it slide until Sunday, when he did something I just couldn’t let slip: He compared the signing of the RH Law to the Sandy Hook massacre. And his friend/uncle/mentor (not quite sure), a pastor/seminarian, shared it, too.

I’m not going to share the text of the picture because as much as possible, I don’t want those words to end up being searchable on my blog. I reacted very strongly and screencapped everything this time. I think what I had to say needs to be shared (besides, he might just delete it again). The photo below shows my tirade.

absolutely disgustingSo yeah, I flipped out on Facebook. I think this was one of those times where it was the right thing to do.

If you’re having trouble reading my comment on the photo above, you can find the full text of what I said after the jump:

First, I want to make this clear: this has nothing to do with your views on the topic. You’re entitled to your own opinions, and I respect that, even if I might ultimately disagree with them – in fact, I sincerely wanted to hear your side a few weeks ago, before you blocked me from that particular thread. That said, I want to make something clear, something that you should have been called out for since you shared this picture:

This is abhorrent. I am incredibly disgusted by the method you’re using to get your message across. I thought you were better than this.

Do you honestly see nothing wrong with comparing the issue with the Sandy Hook tragedy? Do you really think it’s appropriate to utilize a massacre – in which 20 children were senselessly shot to death – to further a political point? Do you not have any respect for the families and the community whose lives were brought to a grinding, violent halt?

I pity the patients who have to deal with a medical professional who so easily lets his emotions cloud his judgment, that he would forget his sense of propriety – his sense of humanity, even – to advocate his own brand of morality.

YOU’RE A DOCTOR, FOR CHRIST’S SAKE. You’re a well-educated man! You have so many tools at your disposal to make a sensible argument. Use that brilliant mind of yours to dig up facts to back up your opinions against the RH Law. Make logical arguments supported by sound scientific research. Most importantly, LET THE DEAD HAVE THEIR PEACE. They and their families don’t deserve this atrocious display.

And you’re no better, Nick Isip. To think that a man of God would share this, too! What has the seminary taught you about peace, love, and respect? What has it taught you about propriety, about ethics? Is it truly within God’s grace that you so callously invoke the horrific deaths of these young, young victims? What kind of morals are those? HAVE SOME RESPECT.

Let’s not forget how awful this message is regarding autistic individuals. It’s bad enough that they suffer an undeserved social stigma for their different capacities, now the condition is a scapegoat for mass murder? How can a doctor and a pastor/seminarian – two of the noblest professions in today’s society – be so insensitive? How can you be so shortsighted? How in the world did the both of you come to the insane conclusion that this message of hate was worth sharing?

This is absolutely disgusting. I really thought you were above this, the both of you.

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