Turds of Wisdom (Apologies for the Crass Title)

Stressful things happened last weekend, the sort that prodded Lauren into giving THE ENTIRE WORLD the silent treatment as she devised several ways to throw THE ENTIRE WORLD out a 30-storey high window. I sat next to her in suffocating awkwardness at the mood, incredibly stoic (which is pretty uncharacteristic of my college self). Wanting to breathe a little, I shared a nugget of knowledge that tends to get me through these moments. I normally don’t tell anyone because of nature of the words I use – that title up there should be enough foreshadowing – but Laur said it was pretty good advice, and that I should blog about it.

So here it is. Forgive the foulness of the image.

“Shit happens.

Literally, shit happens. Your problems are turds on the floor.

Now, the longer you’re going to stand there and look at the shit, the more it’s gonna stink the place up. You’re just better off picking it up as soon as you can and tossing it out.”

Without batting an eyelash, Laur replied, “Can I at least wear gloves while I’m doing that? There is no way I’m picking poop up with my bare hands.”

By all means, use gloves. Heck, you can wear TWO pairs of gloves, wrap garbage bags around them, and wear a welder’s mask for all I care. Solving your problems isn’t always pretty. The longer you let those problems fester, the more you linger on them rather than doing something about it, the more they’ll make you grimace.

Better to fix things as soon as you can and come out smelling like roses.

Photo from here.

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