A Quick Thought on the Anti-RH Bill Rally

Today’s Anti-RH Rally is a funny thing. If I read my news correctly, this was a retaliatory measure against the President’s suggestion that Responsible Parenthood would alleviate some of the country’s ills during his last State of the Nation Address. Archbishop Arguelles of the Catholic Bishops Conference of the Philippines (CBCP) claimed – to nationwide media, no less – that this was an open declaration of war against the Catholic Church. And even though the Palace clarified that there was indeed no such declaration made, the CBCP’s call to action just days after the SONA seems to imply that the church organization is attempting to strike back (pun unintended) at the President for his perceived offense.

Didn’t Jesus teach us to turn the other cheek when struck?

It’s a joke, people. Don’t take the comic too seriously.

I’m not going to pretend I’m a good, practicing Catholic (the CBCP’s actions ironically saw to it that I wasn’t), but I imagine that the good, Christian response to the address would have been “Oh, okay. I’m sorry you feel that way. I’m just gonna be here exercising my right to follow my religion’s moral ideals and not take the contraceptives you aren’t forcing me to take. I’m confident in my ability to keep the rest of the flock just as faithful as I am, so we won’t have any problems there. Have a good day, and God bless you.”

“Oh, and God bless all the mothers and their hungry babies, too.”

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2 Responses to A Quick Thought on the Anti-RH Bill Rally

  1. We believe in our church and we follow them same way as we believe in Jesus and follow HIM.

    • Hi Jade!

      Thanks for the input. I hope you don’t take any offense to what I’m going to say next, but I’ve always had trouble with this line of thinking. I honestly cannot believe in the Church the same way as Jesus because of the following fundamental beliefs and facts:

      1. Humans cannot fully comprehend God.
      2. Humanity is not infallible; only God is.
      3. The Church, though leader of the Catholic faithful, is an institution run by humans.

      If the leaders of the Church are in fact human, and therefore do not completely understand God and can be mistaken, who are we to assume that they are meant to be believed in with the same unwavering faith as with Jesus? Didn’t the Church once condemn heliocentrism, an error the Pope himself admitted the Church made? If the Church can indeed make egregious mistakes such as the wrongful lifelong imprisonment of one of history’s scientific pioneers, why then should we continue to believe in its decrees without a measure of skepticism?

      I’m not saying the Church is inherently bad; in fact, I like many of the good-natured principles it espouses. However, it’s been proven wrong before, and can be wrong about certain things again. I prefer an open-minded faith, one where the religious are free to examine dogma for its merits without being limited by bullheaded devotion. Instead of doing or believing in something simply because the Church tells us to, I think we should do/believe in it because we’ve determined that it is indeed for the good of mankind.

      What’s your take on this? 🙂

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