GeekOut Face Off – Ace’s Quest

Gary was gone. Ace’s lifelong partner – the younger half of the world-famous crime-fighting Ambiguously Gay Duo – had mysteriously vanished, and there was no clue as to how or why. Was Ace’s ward abducted by the sinister Bighead? Was Gary being subjected to various forms of sadism and masochism at this very moment? Or did he simply walk out of the relationship because Ace rode him too hard?

No matter what the reason, Ace knew one thing to be true: he needed Gary back, and he knew the best way to find him. Ace needed to win the GeekOut Face Off. He’d come crashing in from behind, penetrating his competition’s defenses. After unloading all over his foes, he’d pile all the men onto each other and climb atop of his conquests. From this higher vantage point, he’d find Gary and win him back. It was foolproof.

The first round brought him a surprise – a nubile young boy who called himself Arya.

Ace admired the child’s tiny sword, and was tempted to lay his hands on it. Not wanting to hurt the child too much, Ace used his super-speed to catch Arya off-guard and bend him over his knee for a spanking. Arya quickly countered, spinning around and thrusting the blade Needle towards Ace’s face. Ace narrowly evaded the coming assault, ducking to the side and tossing Arya off of him.

“That would have made a mess of my face, kid!” he exclaimed.

Arya lunged again, determined to give Ace a new orifice. Ace grabbed the boy’s Needle and tugged at it repeatedly. The sword erupted from the child’s hand, giving Ace the advantage. Sensing defeat, Arya slowly backed away.

With the boy’s sword in his hands and victory clearly in sight, Ace propositioned Arya: “Look, you’re obviously very fit and know how to work things with your hands. How about we call a truce? I don’t see your parents around, so you’re probably all alone in this big, bad world. Why don’t I take you in as my ward, and you come live with me? I’ve got a nice, fluffy bed you can sleep in.”

Arya hesitated for a moment, but ultimately gave in to the idea of finally having a home again. With a heart welling with joy and newfound acceptance, Arya hugged Ace and said, “Yes, please.”

Ace held him close to his body and said, “That’s a good boy.”

“I’m a girl,” Arya responded.

“Oh,” Ace exclaimed, a tone of surprise in his voice. “I don’t think this is gonna work out, then.” He then sent Arya flying with a swift punch, winning his first fight of the GeekOut Face Off.

In the distance, he saw his next conquest: a burly blonde man with impressive pectorals and a flamboyant cape. He looked like he could give Ace a massive pounding with his hammer. Ace walked towards him, welcoming the challenge…


Make this story happen! Vote for Ace and Thor in Round 2 of the GeekOut Face Off and continue Ace’s quest to unite with Gary once more!

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