Beerpocalypse Essentials: KFC Zinger Double Down


It was with this innocuous tweet that I discovered the latest addition to my Beerpocalypse survival kit.

But what IS Beerpocalypse, you ask? Simply put, I’ve got a love affair with tasting different beers. Every so often, I treat myself to a tiny binge of multiple frou-frou beers, a self-indulgent alcoholfest I like to call Beerpocalypse. And yes, I’m the only one who calls it this. I’m a silly monkey.

When I heard (read?) about the Zinger Double Down from KFC, I knew immediately that this would be a perfect food for my next Beerpocalypse. Rather than just tell you why, I thought it’d be nice to supplement the reasons with pictures. This, of course, means I’d have to hold another Beerpocalypse.

Behold, the evening’s culprits!

So, why exactly is this most glorious of sammiches such a shoe-in for a night of beer-debauchery? Four reasons:

1. It’s What You Look for When You Have the Drunchies

From my experience, when people have the drunchies (drunk munchies), most folks tend to look for salty foods with a little bit of grease on it.

Oh, hello.

The original Double Down was exactly what the doctor ordered, with a little bit of an upgrade – the heat. Which brings us to Reason #2:

2. It Makes You Drink More

When you want to all-out binge on beer, you’ll want your food to encourage this behavior. The Zinger Double Down is a pretty spicy piece of meat, making you reach for your mug a little more often than normal. It certainly helps that beer is an excellent choice for taming the flames dancing on your tongue.

Totally not photoshopped.

In fact, it creates a vicious, yet delicious, cycle of eating and drinking – you drink and get hungry, you eat and need to drink, and you continue until you’re a happy, unconscious lush lying on the kitchen floor. Not that eating’s a problem because…

3. It Goes Great with Beer

It’s meat; glorious unadulterated meat. And it’s spicy. How can it not taste good with beer? This being Beerpocalypse, of course, I wanted to choose a fancy beer to go along with it. Rogue Chipotle Ale did the trick, with its peppery flavor complementing the heat of the sandwich.

Of course, it’s great with just about any beer you can buy. You’ll be enjoying your brews by the bucket with this baby on hand, which works out swimmingly since…

4. It’s an Awesome Hangover Cure

Remember how you look for salty foods with a little bit of grease? That’s because SCIENCE has found that rich, fatty meats like bacon actually help people get over hangovers. Meat contains protein, which breaks down into amino acids. Those amino acids help replenish the neurotransmitters lost during a ravenous tryst with beer. In short, meat helps your brain feel better.

The next time you’re feeling hungover, then, shove a meatwich into your mouth.

‘Til the next Beerpocalypse!

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6 Responses to Beerpocalypse Essentials: KFC Zinger Double Down

  1. Ade says:

    Goddammit, going to KFC to order ANOTHER Zinger Double Down

  2. Steelio says:

    I like how your mind works.

  3. Larry says:

    I was already sold by the time I got to reason number 2!

  4. Nicole says:

    SCIENCE! I never warmed up (lolol) to the Original Double Down because it was too greasy. But with the spicy crunchy goodness of the Zinger Double Down that masks the grease, I can imagine devouring this by the.. uhm, bucket! =))

    Also, where do you get your beers? O_O

    • There’s a liquor store right outside my place! They specialize in imported beers, hehehe. If you’re a sweet tooth, you’d looooooooove the creme brulee beer.

      And yeah, the Zinger version of the Double Down is actually less greasy! The breading helps, as compared to the Original Recipe batter that pretty much soaked all the oil up. 😀

  5. arc says:


    Now my paltry booze stash feels inadequate. This article needs a sequel that deals with the individual beers though; how does each beer taste, feel, things like that. Maybe a series that deals with beer reviews? Ya know, for er, science. And future reference, in case our plebeian tongues hanker for something fancy.

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