Newman Update!

Whee, I wrote the second part! Well, the first half of it, anyway. I realized that Episode 2, “The Gospel According to Carl”, was a pretty long story to begin with, so I had to chop it up into two. This here’s the link to the first part. If you haven’t checked out what Newman is yet, it’s best to start with Episode 1: “For Hire”. There are some spoilers in Episode 2 that won’t make much sense without knowledge of Episode 1. Just a warning – it’s a comic script, so the form’s a lot different from the short stories I usually write.

Episode 2’s a bit heavier than Episode 1 (since it deals with some major character development), but it’s not without its light moments. You win 500 music nerd points if you get the song reference and the significance of the “next song”. 😀

As always, everything’s still in the rough draft phase. This is far from a final product, especially since I think my panel mapping needs work. Of course, that can be fixed if there was an artist out there willing to work on this with me. *wink wink*

I’ve started preliminary work for the second half of “The Gospel According to Carl”, so hopefully I get to upload it within the next two weeks. I might even have time to throw in another concept sketch by then.

Bye for now! 😀

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