Meet Newman

Concept Sketch for Newman

Newman is a bit of a pet project at this time. I know, I know – another story-in-progress. At least I’m writing these down now, instead of letting everything fade into the oblivion of my ridiculously forgetful mind. Can’t begin to imagine how many characters and plots I’ve lost track of over the years, just because I never wrote anything down.

It’s a comic, one that I hope to publish someday. I might not be the artist since I’ve still got a lot to learn, plus it doubles my workload and I don’t exactly have all the free time in the world. If you wanna draw it, let me know by dropping a comment below.

Anyhoots, you’ll spot a shiny new link under my blog’s header, just beside the “About” link. I’ll upload everything Newman-related there for you to enjoy. I’ve just posted a script draft for the first part. You can check it out now and see what I’ve been doing on sleepless nights. Here’s a link to the script, too, if you’re too lazy to go the header route:

Just make sure you have some free time available before reading. It’s 22 pages long. 😛

Hope you enjoy! I’d love to get feedback, so do leave some if you have any! 😀

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One Response to Meet Newman

  1. Prolly cuz it looks very sketchy but y’got a bit of a Bill Plympton style goin on there. Nice.

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