Quick Hello

Jeez, it sure sucks to try to follow this blog, huh? I haven’t updated in about two or three weeks. Not that it matters, though, since most of the folks reading this smidgen of Internetosity pass by to check out that Sucker Punch post I did after seeing the flick. If you’re interested in more than that, though, you’ll be reading this entry, and will subsequently find out that I’ve just written my first comic book script since college. I’m still in the process of getting feedback and tweaking the thing, but when I’m done, I’ll consider looking for an artist to help me out with the finished product.

What’s it about? Without giving away too much, we’ve got a psychic who isn’t really a psychic (but not in the Psych way), a mute ghost who can be a real dick at times, and their demonic stoner associate. Also, a bartender who avoids freaking out her customers by keeping herself in human form. Stuff happens, and then some more stuff happens. Hopefully, there’ll be enough stuff happening to warrant a miniseries.

That’s about all I’ll say about it for now. I might post the first script here when I’m done with the tweaks, so keep an eye out for that.

Yay for pseudo-updates!

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