Creative Crunch

Work is giving me ADHD. To be precise, the need to work is giving me creativity ADHD. I’m one of those people whose mind keeps popping out ideas, even when I don’t want it to, like when I’m in the middle of a different creative endeavor. Or when I have to shut it out because I really have to work. Or when I’m at the toilet.

Here’s how my mind works:

1. Think up some creative project that I want to do.

2. Start to work on it. Like really work on it. That’s it, bitch; really get in there.

3. Gaze awkwardly at the grossly inappropriate thing I just wrote.

4. Realize I need money.

5. Realize I need to work to make money.

6. Forget about what I was doing and work, work, work. Zog zog.

7. Think up another creative thingy while working.

8. Rinse and repeat.

What that leaves me with is a metric shit-ton of unfinished things on my plate, and since I can be a perfectionist about doing the things that matter to me, they’re a long ways off from being completed. Right now, I’ve got the following in the works:

1. This story.

2. This other story.

3. A Choose-Your-Own-Adventure type story that pays some (see: not enough) money.

4. An entire blog that revolves around stories.

5. This lady:

6. This handsome fellow’s drawing.

7. A cooperative comic project with Lauren as the photographer.

8. A rather dramatic comic project that I hope will be part of a larger project.

9. A comic project starring James Franco as my sworn nemesis.

There was supposed to be a tenth in there, but it’s sadly become obsolete.

I wish I had the luxury of time to focus on being creative. Being an adult can really suck sometimes. I blame James Franco.

That fucking bastard.

Photo from here.
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