Look What We’ve Done

A couple of weeks ago, a few friends and I decided to embark on a sorta-brave venture: publishing our short stories on the Internet for everyone NOT our moms/lovers/imaginary friends to see. For lack of a better name (or design, for that matter), we’re calling the blog “fictionthing” for now.

We envision fictionthing as a communal space where frustrate creatives can let loose with their imaginations and benefit from peer critiquing at the same time. The one unifying factor we have is a love of fiction: our dreams, daydreams, nightmares and fantasies brought to life in words and pictures. We’ll start out by writing text-only stories, but hope to expand by including illustrated tales and maybe even a few comics. The bottom line is, we like creating stories, and love sharing them.

I’m writing this now as an invitation to contribute. You can submit a story you yourself have already penned, or you can wait for one of our theme prompts. These prompts come once every two or three weeks, giving writers a theme to build a story around. The next one’s coming in on or before April 8, 2011. It’s a challenge of sorts for budding writers. Hopefully, we’ll be able to come up with other types of “challenges” (maybe even have prizes for them!) to keep everyone’s creative juices flowing. We can’t carry this on all by ourselves, however, and so we’d really love for you to come join the fun.

You can drop a comment on this post or anywhere on fictionthing if you’re interested. You can also email fictionthing (at) gmail (dot) com. We won’t bite unless you ask us to. 🙂

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