That Shrinking Feeling

I feel like my home is getting smaller. My mom’s bringing in a lot of stuff from my lola’s house, and there’s barely any room left to move. The scary part? She says there’s more stuff coming in on Sunday.

Pictures of the carnage:

In all fairness, some of the furniture is nice. A lot of it feels superfluous, though, and there’s barely any free space outside the bedrooms. Also, the dust is making my allergies work up. I’m sure my mom has a very personal reason for getting so many things, but I’d rather not pry. I just won’t be having any guests over for a while.

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One Response to That Shrinking Feeling

  1. Dodgepodge says:

    Can relate. But most of the stuff at our place are my mom’s and dad’s. But yeah, bye bye console gaming room.

    Hey look, I still recognized your house.

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