This is Not a Blatant Plug for The Mythbusters’ Green Hornet Special

So I heard Seth Rogen dropped by the Mythbusters and asked them to do a few stunts from The Green Hornet. I’m not too fond of Rogen, but I do likey the Mythbusters.

I can identify with the Mythbusters – they love SCIENCE, they like blowing things up for SCIENCE, and they’re pretty much making a living just playing around and doing the things they love. I also think I’d look awesome with a walrus-stache like Jamie’s. The thing is, I can’t call myself a fan per se; I only really watch the show whenever I catch on TV. I don’t usually seek it out every Friday night, 8:00p.m., on the Discovery Channel (see what I did there?). When I do see it, though, I find it hard to change the channel.

I guess what makes them a lot of fun – aside from the walrus-stache and explodey things – is that they challenge pop culture conventions, i.e. things we assume to be true because we see them all the time in comics, movies, television, et. al. With a good chunk of the team having worked with Industrial Light and Magic (three of the five faces of the show actually worked on The Phantom Menace), their specialty naturally falls on movie stunts. They’ve tried shooting locks open (BUSTED), curving bullets (BUSTED), and breaking a long fall by hitting several awnings (PLAUSIBLE – you’ll live, but get some pretty bad injuries).

It’s a pretty fun idea, then, that Adam, Jamie and the rest agreed to test out some of the hijinx from the Green Hornet. The film was a decent action-comedy (Christoph Waltz is impeccable as Chudnofsky, a mix of Hans Landa and Der Humpink wrapped up in a mid-life crisis), but two stunts stood out: they launched a bulldozer dozens of feet into the air with explosives; and they chopped a car in half using an elevator. These are the very same stunts that the Mythbusters team is going to try to pull off when the special airs in the Philippines on January 28, 8:00p.m. Explosions? Car mutilation? That sounds like a good time to me, even if things end up being Busted.

And oh, a picture:


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